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of storms. let's see the storm watch of southern maryland, with more rain coming our ray -- our way, and a new area north of nthis area is moving this way and north of germantown, and our storm scan shows another area of stormings acrossing southern maryland at 2 in the morning, and then a final bunch of storms with a cold front. so an active weather night. and showing here with 1 pnts 1 inch and more on the way, and tonight terrific thunderstorm with 55 miles per hour winds gust, and we will let you know what is coming our way after the storm with watches and warnings and look at it for the next seven days. >> we have news on the gamits left behind. >> and we have jay with news. >> heavy rain and strong rain with chaos, on d.c. neighborhoods, we on on d.c. line where a sizeable tree trunk mashed this chevy blazer. >> a storm dropped trees on the d.c. region and one large tree crushed a car. and check this out, a large tree blocked the canal row, and in one neighborhood one stately tree covered an entire lane. cars were forced to navigate around this dicey section of rhode island av
that moved through ashburn, take a look at doppler now. down in southern maryland there are welcome showers. they all going to continue to move out. during the day tomorrow we will see more of the same. we are into one of the hottest summers of all time. earlier today over 1 inch of rain. the heat and humidity will continue. and why you should be wearing these over vacation. it will be humid. i will tell you more about this stuff. >> do we have 3-d weather? federal authorities make a major gangbuster in northern virginia. immigration enforcement released this video of 30 arrests in fairfax county. they were arrested on weapons and violent crimes charges. 26 were arrested on immigration charges. >>> a baptist church pastor faces serious charges after he sexually abused a teenager. police say jason bolton began having sex with a 17-rolled curls starting at the beginning of this year. -- 17-year-old girl. >>> we are going to monitor the developments from the floor of the gulf. the cap on the oil well has begun to leak. engineers from the government is keeping a close eye on this cap, but have
arrested, but there is still quite a bit of support for the errors on a bill, including a maryland state delegate who plans to -- for the arizona bill, including a maryland state delegate to plans to introduce a similar measure. a >> id is not a party issue, it is an american issue. >> as many as 18 states say they want to push a similar bill similar to arizona. >>> coming up, a new twist. the key decision she has reached about her future. >> < 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. -- less than 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> outrage on capitol hill over the spiraling number of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery. >> as many as 6600 burial sites may have been affected. former superintendent john metzler blamed the problem on his staff and a lack of resources. and he said he takes full responsibility, but that was not good enough for one senator. >> it is called kee
of their back yard. >> two years ago, maryland residents voted to bring slot to the state. now they will once again vote whether they belong next to the shopping mall. the referendum was approved today after 40,000 jobs -- residents filed a petition. >> there plenty of other places in and around the county. >> it is now up to voters and out of the hands of lawmakers. >> there are a number of issues with local infrastructure, traffic. >> a major victory for opponents of the idea to put 5000 slots next to the azin naimi arundel mills mall. >> according to the baltimore based developer, this delay will cost the state of million dollars each day and halt 4000 jobs. >> the chairman of the company said -- >> right now, you have residents of maryland traveling to west virginia and atlantic city. they're taking their money out of the state. >> but the word used to live out west. >> now i feel like i cannot put my children on the bus stop. there will be a slot parlor that will be open almost 24 hours a day. >> interesting enough, this really could be a good thing for the maryland club. the state only
wells. >>> now, to battleground maryland where our new poll finds a bob ehrlich with a one point lead over governor martin o'malley. the maryland primaries are expected on september 14. the general election is scheduled for november 2. >>> new problems for the city of rockville is another watermain breaks this evening. it happened at 10800 block of south glen road. this led to water restrictions that were lifted yesterday. >>> a bank robbery suspect is under arrest tonight after barricading himself for hours. they used a taser on the man after he holed himself inside a bus. the ordeal forced the neighbors to stay in their houses. turns out no one was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody. >>> coming up, if you are thinking of getting an iphone, 7 is on your side that you will need to see before you buy anything. >> and the move to keep the power on even if you have not paid your pepco bill. >>> a push to make sure everyone has power and their homes and d.c. leaders say it is a matter of life and death. >> they are behind an emergency bill that would prevent pepco from turning of
breaking news . this is from frederick, maryland. we are over the scene of a major fire. it ignited in a i historic part did the town. we are live at the scene with the late breaking details. >> this fire does not look like it is letting up anytime soon. i want you to take a look behind me. the top left corner, there are still flames. this is by there being more than 100 firefighters on the scene and more than 25 fire companies produce >> residents watch this fire in disbelief. >> i can hardly believe the devastation. >> this building was what and engineering facility but has recently been used for office space. this evening, all of it went up in flames. >> it is just a matter of time. the building is really old in the roof is dry. >> you can see where the roof collapsed, leaving nothing to salvage. >> after 10 or 15 minutes, the fire was just too intense. the heat was too intense. the fire was spreading to quickly. he made his decision to pull everyone out of the building. >> the. power around town has been cut off, leaving people to take in the excitement of the light show with mixed emo
have seen for this line. we see these lines come through from frederick, maryland, into northwest washington. 78 degrees at fort university. dewpoint is 63 -- what a difference. look at the temperatures -- 78 degrees at howard university. look at the temperatures are around the country. our high temperature is only 88 degrees. the record is 103 in 1930. that was the month we had six 100 degree-days. 70's in the area. the dewpoint, what a difference. there is that line pushed to our south. i want to show you the doppler radar, because this was going back into the record books. this is from our colleagues that surveyed the damage. there was that line coming through at 4:00 in the afternoon. look in front of it -- in charles county and prince george's county. this is what is called the outflow boundary, strong winds coming through. thunderstorms and the winds were picking up debris, leaves and insects from around washington, and the radar picked up that boundary. sometimes we can see a lot of things besides rain in the super doppler. so, as we go through tonight, we will continue to
will be in the 70's by early morning. our weatherbug network, a first stop takes us to maryland korea at high temperature of 100 in potomac, 90 degrees currently at wtop radio in upper northwest d.c. -- our first stop takes us to maryland. a high temperature of 100 in potomac. a record high -- did you follow that? we were 10 degrees above where we should be. the old record was 99 set back in 1991. we shattered records across the board. bwi-marshall, 101. the last time we saw two consecutive 100-degree days in a row was back in 1999, so it has been a while. 89 in fairfax, 86 in leesburg. the bigger story is the heat index, what it actually feels like outside, 92 in frederick. cooler, drier air will to the north and west of us. chicago 74 degrees. this will move out of the area. high pressure will move towards the east. we will see another warm the tomorrow, temperatures above average, but not like we saw today, so no heat advisories for the mid-atlantic, but we are still talking about low to middle 90's and the heat index near 100 degrees. friday and into saturday, our best chance for some iso
they are reasonable, compared to where they were only a few days ago. waldorf maryland is 74 degrees. falls church is a 75. overnight tonight, we will still see it reasonably comfortable. and there is a nice men out there too. this morning was the coolest since july 4th, which really made a difference with all of the widespread power outages. there may be thundershowers coming our way. i will tell you all about it later. >> let's go to national park, where starts stephen strasburg was a late scratch -- star stephen strasburg was a late scratch. >> 40,000 fans showed up at to see him pitch. it was not to be. he had trouble warming up, could not get lives. that was disconcerting to the coaches. the general manager says he has been examined by the team doctor and that it was determined that there was inflammation in his throwing shoulder. he has been put on an anti- inflammatory and been sent home. he is scheduled for an mri. the nationals are optimistic that this is not a serious problem because this is something he has had a couple of times before when he was an amateur. with the future of this fra
declared his candidacy to become maryland's governor. he took a leave of absence from the baltimore law firm he has been working. he filed a financial disclosure form as required at the ethics commission. he is expected to face martin o'malley in a rematch from 2006. >>> his former lt. gov. michael steele is in during calls to resign over comments he made about president obama's handling of the war in afghanistan. >> this is not something the u.s. has actively prosecuted. >> eight chairmen3 comments thursday during a fund- raiser in connecticut -- the chairman made those comments. this after the war in afghanistan started after the 9/11 attacks. >>> a popular casino is gambling on table games for an economic boom. table games open up for customers at the hollywood casino in charlestown, west virginia. richard reeves has more. >> these new tables at the new hollywood casino, blackjack and craps drawing hundreds of new people. >> you feel a little more like atlantic city. >> the casino will add 600 new jobs and with dealers and millions in tax revenue. >> the more people that come here, t
. >>> you at 11:00, maryland officials have extended a program that provides inmate labor for neglected horses. it was launched last week. neighbors say they were not informed that prisoners would be working at the horse rescue. the decision was made to suspend the program indefinitely. >>> karen andrews has filed a lawsuit against seven hotels. she was secretly videotaped while staying in hotels. the suspect pleaded guilty to internet stocking. andrews filed a complaint for negligence. she is seeking $1 million. >>> we are on your side tonight with word about apple. the antenna and reception problems for the new iphone has led to a lot of complaints. the phone went on sale three weeks ago. >>> also new tonight, there could be more kids in the cards for bristol palin. she is thinking about expanding her family now that she is engaged. she already has an 18-month-old boy. she says that she wants a large family because she enjoys being around a lot of kids. >> it is typical summer weather around here. no prolong stretches of dry weather. it is typical. >> can i go home now? >> no. it is w
school. a half inch of rain near maryland. some areas have not seen that much at all. 91 degrees in day heat index in fairfax. mid 80's is what it feels like in gaithersburg. thunderstorm should end around 1:00 this morning. a warm and humid morning ahead. this is average for this time of year. we will talk about humidity and additional chances for thunderstorms during the workweek in a few minutes. >> the heat wave is taking its toll on just about everyone. for people that have to work outside, the temperatures can be dangerous. >> firefighters battle smoke and flames and dangerously high heat. there were a couple of people trapped in this building after a fire started in a stairwell. >> each and every call would respond to, the heat will affect the crews that have to go out there. it will potentially overheated our firefighters very quickly. >> they have been responding to about 150 calls for service a date due to the stress of hot and humid weather. he is making heat -- making sure he drinks plenty of water. >> it is really hot today. it is really cool to see all of the monument. >>
it will take to repair a massive and water main in maryland. >> cutting back on washing the clothes. i will just have a big mound to do it next week. >> just feet from the water repair, churchill high school apparently did not get the memo. sprinklers were going full blast for over an hour on the football field. >> i don't know why this is happening. >> a maintenance worker says he was unaware of the restrictions and came out to shut off the valve. >> a state of the art fiber optics system installed three years ago notified authorities of the problems in that the pipe yesterday. >> amazing technology. we did not have a cable like this before. these are critical. i cannot stress that enough. >> and this woman is worried about her plans. >> they might die. >> w as snc officials sect -- wssc officials say they understand that this is a burden, but it is critical to ensure that there is enough water for fire and emergency personnel. they would like to have the fiber optic technology installed on all major lines by 2016. >> new at 11:00, thousands of people in our area are hitting the road
. >>> the former co-workers of a maryland man of shock after learning he is wanted for the rape of a metro access customer. the police are searching for this man, who is accused of the crime. cynne simpson has the latest on the search. >> many of these metro cabdrivers at the shady grove metro station know this man who the police are looking for. they describe him as a good guy and say the news that he has been accused of rape is quite shocked. the police say it the 31-year- old metro access driver raped a mentally disabled passenger july 8. he is accused of picking up the victim from an adult day care center in silver spring, sexually assaulting her, then dropping her off at her home in gaithersburg. >> we would like the media's help and public's help identifying this person. >> metro transit police say he worked for reasons a cab company, contacted to operate metro access buses, and had no criminal record. >> the first time we believe an arrest warrant has been taken out on him. >> cab driver say they have known him a while and there was no indication he would commit such a brutal crime. >> i d
, maryland has been indicted on a long list of sex fences. they allege he had sex with two 15-year-old female students in a classroom on a numb of occasions from december of 2009 to february of 2010. >> i have kids of my own there. i share the public's concern about -- about our children being safe in the schools. i understand the public reaction to this kind of scenario. >> the school spokesperson says after the initial arrest in june, he was removed from the classroom and eventually terminated. no one answered the door at his town house in laurel. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. >> also, he really should -- should not violate kids trust. >> they're supposed to protect and nurture children and not take advantage. >> the girls -- the girls trust him and for him to turn against them like that is just sickening. >> if convicted of all 10 charges, he could face up to 40 years, more than 40 years in fact, if convicted on all charges in prison. we are live in prince george's county. abc news. >> thank you. coming up on abc7 at 11:00, lindsay lohan's days behind bars. her activities. >>
safety regulations across the country. a maryland senator included language that would verify how metro spence federal money and ensure it is sent on said major's first. >> unemployment benefits extension cleared a key hurdle tonight. the senate passed a bill restoring benefits to americans who have been out of work for six months or longer. the measure now heads the house for final vote. the president has said he will sign it if it passes. it will give benefits to 2.5 million people who otherwise would have lost them. >> one of the nation's top financiers is concerned. he said the nation's economic outlook remains unusually uncertain. he said the central bank is prepared to take steps to keep the economic recovery alive. wall street apparently did not like what bernanke had to say. all the markets finished the day in the red. >> the white house's own damage control on another issue. >> an apology was issued after she was barred for what appears to be a racist speech that was taken very much of context. >> this is a good woman. she has been put through hell, and i ask for shirley's forg
driver behind the wheel. more water woes in maryland. >> it is ironic how these things are happening at once. >> the cutbacks are not over yet. >> of 54 cheaper housing -- protesters send a message -- a fight for cheaper housing -- the protesters send a message. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a house fire turned deadly, breaking out around 7:30 this evening. police officers discovered the fire and tried to enter the home, but the heavy smoke and flames kept them out. the firefighters arrived moments later. and that the firefighters made an aggressive attack on the fire. they found one person and then another -- two adult females were removed from the building, unconscious. >> the women were pulled from the home. one victim was in her '60's or 70's. the other victim was resuscitated and is in critical condition tonight. more than 100 firefighters were on the scene. one firefighter had minor burns. two more suffered heat exhaustion. the home had smoke detectors, but it is unclear if they
. the smithsonian has similar deals with the university of maryland and george mason university. >>> coming up, a company that never had layoffs. we will explain how. its employees think the trade- offs are worth it. children rushed to hospital after school bus overturned. hear what happened from one of the kids on board. and a pipeline blast sent flames shooting into the air. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> flames engulfed a port in northeast china, with a ruptured pipeline. more than two dozen fires work through the night to douse the flames. it took about 15 hours before was put out. amazingly, there were no casualties. the pipelines are linked between oil ships and tanks on the land. >>> car bombs have become the latest weapon of choice along the u.s.-mexican border. and members that made a car bomb near the border city. five people were killed, six injured. it is the first time the drug lords have attacked the police with a car bomb. >>> school bus accident and kansas sent nine people to the hospital. one child was critically injured. the driver and 2
are suffering are in oxon hill, maryland. john? >> well, caroline, many people in this oxon hill apartment complex have had to endure this he to with no air-conditioning. they tell us it has taken a lot of time under the ceiling fan. we are told that some of these residents have been without air conditioning for about one month. in her oxon hill apartment, it is a steamy 91 degrees tonight. >> they said i needed a new one, and yet, they never bother to bring one. it looked to be as old as i am, and they put it out there. >> something the 76-year-old and her son have been forced to deal with korean and they have not been back? >> they have not been bad. they do not care. all they want is their money. >> the maintenance worker has been over several times, but her air-conditioning unit is still on the fritz. she has not had it for weeks. >> it is 100 degrees outside. i have a brother with down's syndrome. it is crazy. he does not understand what is going on, but he knows it is hot. >> and, unfortunately, she is not the only one struggling. the vents are blowing air, hot air. >> you just do no
tragicomic to maryland. nothing for the immediate metro. once the cold front moves in, we look for rapid clearing tomorrow evening. sunday, wow, gorgeous. scattered showers and storms overnight, temperatures fall into the 70's. showers and storms tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, the storms diminish from west to east. a-85 degrees the daytime high. -- 80-85 degrees the daytime high. drier conditions sunday, 90 degrees. back to the lower 90's monday, tuesday, and wednesday. but the rain, we need it right now. where it is falling, it is really coming down. at georgetown right now, rosslyn, it is pouring outside. >> we needed, we will take it. >>> coming up, he has been around longer than most people have been alive. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>> he is a model teacher and perhaps a model for all of us. he was honored in baltimore today. he is 93 and has been teaching kids math 75 years. that is about 27,000 days in the classroom, and h
. >>> maryland teachers will no longer get a sneak peek at standardized tests. they were about to see the tests about a week before the gave them to the students, but no longer. the policy was changed because they're concerned about cheating, even though it has not been a problem. the district and virginia also printed teachers from st. the standardized tests ahead of time. it also prevent teachers from seeing the standardized tests ahead of time. >>> two troops missing in afghanistan. an air show training exercise ends in a fiery crash, caught on tape. a stampede at a concert turns deadly. >>> at least 17 people died, 80 were injured at a stampede at a music festival in germany. there were questions out of a tunnel at the love parade festival. the panic started when the police tried to stop thousands of people from entering the parade grounds that were already packed with hundreds of thousands of others. emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims because of the crowd. initially, the concert continued with partygoers on aware of the deadly panic. >>> a massive manhunt in eastern afgha
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21